Nutricia : A history we are proud of

  • 1896

    Three men from different backgrounds working together April 14th: Contract signed between Prof. A. Backhaus and Martinus van der Hagen for the rights to manufacture Backhaus Baby Milk

  • 1901

    Nutricia is born. Pioneering science ever since

  • 1905

    Launch of the first Medical Nutrition product

  • 1946

    Launch of Olvarit, first baby food in the Netherlands

  • 1946

    Nutricia opens its first research centre: Nutricia R&D is born

  • 1950

    First dietitians hired

  • 1956

    First product for PKU and other metabolic disorders is launched

  • 1970

    Nutrison is introduced, a ready-to-serve complete drip food

  • 1984

    Neocate is launched, the first amino-acid formula for cow’s milk allergy management

  • 2000

    First to introduce patented prebiotic mix with proven health benefit

  • 2007

    Nutricia becomes part of Danone, strengthening its global mission

  • 2009

    Launch of Fortisip Compact, an example of technology innovation for the first low-volume supplement

  • 2012

    Launch of Souvenaid, a nutritional innovation in the dietary management of early Alzheimer’s disease

  • 2013

    Nutricia Research facilities are opened in Utrecht, the Netherlands


    > Our innovation journey continues